Sunday, September 5, 2010

wed card.

draft of my wed card is ready!
dah siap pon..its ready to proceed for the full printing.
everything including the writing is just nice.
all they have to do b4 proceed is only to adjust the name of bride n my mom's name. 
overall i lurve the card.
simple yet cantek.
theme of the card?
of course purple+white!;)

see??how the card looks like..nice isn't it?

♥ we are bride&groom to be ♥


permata said...

comey2..heehehe..nk g tempah etep arr..kih3..

permata said...

comey2..hehe..nak g tempah etep arr..keh3..

i-Am-m3 said...

g lar tempah kak..kat nama groom n tarikh tu akan wat blank dulu..bila dah jumpe yg sesuai akak isi je..hehe

permata said...