Wednesday, March 30, 2011

makin hari makin sayang :)

entry special untuk mr husband.

dear husband,
do u realize that we've tie the knot for 5 months?
i know u did remember our anniversary.
do u still remember, last time when we're deep in luv with each other,
we used to celebrate our anniversary every month.
and u're the one who always remind me on our 'special date of each month' which falls on every 14th..
and u're the one who always sulking if i forget about it..hihiii kelakar kan?

dear husband,
we've went through all ups and downs together.
i saw u fall short but then i was proud u can stand on ur own again.
i was so proud to be with u in our olden days.
we believed in each other without any doubts.
and we kept the trust tightly.

dear husband,
we're now have moved a step forward.
we're now a husband and a wife.
our life has totally changed.
we did it greatly so far.
u never failed in cheering me up.
u never failed in lending ur shoulder for me to cry on.
u've been a great husband all this while.
i know u've tried ur very best to spend time with me.
even though u r busy with ur cases, patients..
but u never left me behind.
u've always considered me in whatever condition u faced.

dear husband,
i love you so much.
thanks for being an awesome husband.
i am so proud to have u as my husband.
thanks Allah for lend me this gift.
i would not ask for more.


footnote:thanks for cakes last nite..nak lagi!;)

♥ we are in lurve ♥

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hot:kejadian pagi ni.

bumi terengganu basah disimbah hujan hari ni.bukan setakat hari actually, a few days ago mmg hujan turun tak berhenti, tapi adalah jugak hujan stop n panas sikit.but hari ni hujan sangat lebat since semalam lagi.dan yang lebih ngerinye rumah kitorang dilanda banjir!!!uwaaaa..

pukul7 pagi tadi lepas siap goreng roti canai segera n masak sambal sardin..tergerak hati nak jenguk luar umah kot2 air naik..sekali tengok mmg air dah start naik pon..air naik tinggi dari biasa..dah cuak dah.cepat2 panggil hubby tengok air. dia yg tengah duk syok bekpes terkejut gile!air naik cepat sangat.tak sampai 15 minit, porch kete dah limpah ngan air.tayar kete dah nyaris tenggelam.plan ngan hubby dua2 nak eL hari ni..

dua2 duk tercongok tengok air sambil tunggu hujan serik.sempat sy tanya hubby, "abg,  kita kena pindah pusat pemindahan banjir ke nih?"hahaha..pastu pakat duk gelak ngan dia..tappi dalam hati duk risau dah takut air masuk dalam umah.dekat2 pukul8 tu hujan macam dah reda sikit..tak lebat macam pukul7pagi td.air pon dah surut sikit..fuuhh lega!air kat porch kete pon dah surut sikit..hubby cepat2 alih kete ke tempat tinggi.risau gak kan apa2 jadi.

hari still hujan, tapi dah tak selebat awal pagi tak jadilah eL hari ni..tapi rugilah coz dah burn class 2 hours pagi td..aiyarkkk terpaksalah cari masa lain ganti..dahlah masa dah semput skang..lagi 3 weeks students dah nak study week..

dan hari ni bandar kuala terengganu ni jem sangat teruk. banyak jalan naik air.banyak jalan tutup dan ada polis jaga sana sini.ada member 2jam baru sampai opis.but luckily mr hubby and i arrived our workplace safely without heavy traffic. but yeah, traffic jam is everywhere!

owh what a chaotic day!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


dah lama teringin nak makan kerabu ni..semalam berjaya jugak buat..dan yang penting hubby suka..hehe

present to you..


alaaa pic buruk..maklumlah pakai henpon cikai dah rosak..wuwu
sy guna timun jepun tu, sebab timun tu tak cepat berair mcm timun batang bese tu..n timun jepun tu lagi crunchy compared to timun bese tu..serious lg sedap!makan pon menambah tak hengat dunia!wakaka..pastu mulalah bising badan dah bulat!ceit!

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Monday, March 21, 2011


badan rasa penat yang amat sangat. rasa lenguh je sana sini.
penat ulang-alik dari kT ke kB and kB ke kT.
i got seminar on last Saturday in kB, so pagi2 buta tu dah bertolak ke kB..
then Sunday morning tu dah kena balik kT semula coz dah kena masuk opis dah..
sangat laa penat hubby keje, kalau tak leh ajak dia g jadik tukang drive..haha!kalau dulu before kawen rasa gagahnya drive sorang2 balik kB..tapi skang rasa macam x fit je..semput je bawak kete sorang2..kompem lenguh sana sini bila drive lama skit..nape eh?nak kena pakai driver laa kot..macam ngengada aje kan bunyi dia?hahaha :p

urm,why did i lose my fitness so rapidly nowadays?

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Sunday, March 20, 2011


bila jumpa orang atau kawan lama,
mereka mesti tengok perot saya dulu.
kenapa eh?
~ perot saya b****t sangat ke?
~ ke diorang suspicious saya dah pregnant ke belom?
urmmm musykil.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

hujan dalam hati.

hari ni cuaca mendung lagi.sekejap2 hujan, sekejap2 reda.
diorang duk cakap maybe effect of earthquake and tsunami in Japan..but i'm not really sure..all i can say is maybe..Wallahualam..
dalam hati pon macam mendung jugak sikit, sekejap2 hujan rintik2..(ade ke camnih?:p)
sangat tak pasti kenapa..maybe effect of abandoned by mr hubby..minggu ni adalah minggu yg paling susah nak jumpa dia..dalam 3x je kot dapat tengok dia..wuwuwu sedey ok!macam byk benda je tak dapat nak luah and story mory ngan dia..hari2 blk rumah cakap ngan ikan, tv n dinding je..sadis kan??
urmm nasib badan laa..nak wat cane lg..tu pon dah kira sangat naseb baik tak LDR ngan mr hubby..kalau tak lg laa merana jiwa yg LDR lg2 laa suffer than me..kadang2 3 bulan sekali baru jumpaa..uwaaa xmo2 gitu!ok2, so kira i am one of the luckiest wifey lah kan!(ayat pujuk hati sendiri!)
harus bersyukur ok!

i need u desperately.

footnote:sy nak suami sy!:(

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

like i care.

no matter what they say.
no matter what they think.
no matter what rumors passed around.
it doesn't make any difference.

like i care.

Life is short, don't waste time worrying about what people think of you.
Hold on to the ones that care, in the end they will be the only ones there.

♥ we are in lurve ♥

Thursday, March 10, 2011


i am a lone ranger.staying at home all alone.hubby got his on call tonight.yes, again. 
life does not as great as i wish presently.i am unhappy with all the circumstances around me as well as defeated on my achievement for the last few months.owh, i am so hopeless :(

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Skim Rumah Pertamaku.

'My First Home Scheme' has been launched by our PM today. this plan aims to reduce the burden of younger generation who faced high living cost. 

Via the scheme, the younger generation earning less than RM3,000 per month, can obtain 100 per cent financing from selected financial institutions for houses costing between RM100,000 and RM220,000 with a repayment period of 30 years.

owh how lucky they are.. they can apply for full loan without have to cut off their financial every month for 10 percent of  downpayment. so the first time buyer  need not to come up with any deposit.the downpayment is fully supported by the government.wawawaaa...seronoknye mereka..habis, how bout us?kami nak jugak!!!!T__T

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sy takde mood, ok.

kena buat keje mengarut hari ni.
macam bodoh saje.
menjadi suruhan orang atasan.
apalah malang nasib.
sy sangat takde mood ok.
sume orang pon sy rasa macam nak makan.

p/s:astagfirullah..kenapa macam ni?:(

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Day.

-8th March 2011-

Happy Women's Day 

to all ladies, wives, moms out there...

may year ahead bring us healthy, happiness and prosperous!

footnote:its raining heavily outside.and i'd washed cik siti yesterday.owh, gosh rm10 flew away!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011


i just noticed several changes after got married.the hormonal imbalance has occurred.
before i got married,i'd no such period pain.i'd no pimples except for premenstrual,
but however, as for now the pimples will come out at any time.without any sign.
i had a serious abdominal pain, muscle aches as well as  lower back pain. *sigh*
and one more thing, i had experienced breast soreness frequently.not just right before premenstrual.*sigh again*
i don't know why things turn out this way.people say, got married would help u to get rid of any kind of premenstrual symptoms. but for me it turns over 360 degrees.totally different!aiyoo.why this things happened?
this is what we called 'gangguan @ perubahan horman'
how could i balanced my hormone?

owh, am i complaining too much?

♥ we are in lurve ♥

Thursday, March 3, 2011

stress datang.

hari ni hari stress sedunia. colleagues pon sume duk serabut dan pening kepala.
gara-gara kena siapkan soalan final exam before next week, proposal presentation and other thingy.
tiba-tiba hilang terus mood hari ni..dah laa rasa macam cik P nak mai je ni..(lagi hilang mood terus.)
bila dah stress cenggini, air mata pon senangnye nak keluar.(sesuka hati ko je eh?)
rasa rindu kat hubby.kat mamanda sy.rasa nak peluk cium je insan2 tersayang ni.
i do really need them at this moment. they are my world.only them know my ups and downs.
i need them.i miss them.seriously.

credit en google.

♥ we are in lurve ♥

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

menggiurkan tak?

entry tertunda lagi. saja nak tunjuk post menggiurkan.hehe spaghetti yang dimasak seminggu yang lepas.walaupun rupanya tak cantik mana, tapi rasanye sangatttt sedappp...(wah, buleh angkat bakul sendiri tak??hahaha) sy memang hantu bile masak sendiri sangat puas hati coz dapat makan banyakkk..buleh tambah berkali-kali..hehe resepi??tak perlu laa kot..kat tenet sangat banyak resepi spaghetti saja ye..(sbenarnya malas nak taip ye, bukan kedekut ilmu..ngee) homemade spaghetii!marvelous!silalah terliur..;p
meatball dah tergolek ke bawah.

owh last monday i sent my mum to the airport. she's going to perform umrah with my auntie n uncle.
semoga mamanda sy selamat pergi dah selamat kembali.
Ya Allah please protect her. I love her so much. she's queen of my heart.

i love u much.
see?similar right?

♥ we are in lurve ♥

bila org mula bertanya.

semalam plan nak puasa hari ni..siap cakap kat hubby lagi nak pose..sekali pagi ni, tengah2 duk sahur tu dengar orang azan.ceit.hampeh tul laa..kemain lagi semangat nak pose.siap simpan lagi lauk dinner semalam nak pose hari ni.aiyoyoyo betol laa kan?

hari ni hubby oncall lagi.lusa pon dia oncall lagi.adeiihhh kesian kan?asyik kena tinggal sensorang je malam2.sedey betol macam ni.bulan ni saja hubby oncall 31hari - 12hari = 19hari je dapat bersama hubby.tu pon siang malam dia keje.sedey lagi..:(

urmm ada orang tanya saya, "mengandung ke?", saya jawablah, "eh, tak lah..", dia kata lagi, "sebab tengok p******g macam orang dah berisi"
adeiii lagi..macam mana ni??
urmm xnak komen leh tak?
*rolling eyes*

♥ we are in lurve ♥