Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the secrecy.

i had been blogging for many years..since my study back in usm..i love to blog..normally i blog on my daily routine, what i did, how did i feel on something, my campus life up to my wedding preparation..i enjoyed writing and blogging..there are a lot of things i would love to write and share with others..but however, there is something that you could not share with others..yes, its privacy..i should keep it for my own reference only.
previously i blog for my own, i was so shy if somebody had read my entry..and as i grew older, i feel like..'owh, its okey if you share with others..it should be fine'..tapi dalam hati malu2 jugak..hihihii...
i'd thinking for billion times, waiting for the right time to come..and yes, the time has come...

actually i'd created another blog for my own, yes for my private life..but tak best..because i can't left behind this blog, it had been my witnesses for all ups and downs..since i was a bachelorrete till a married woman..:)

♥ we are in lurve ♥

Sunday, February 26, 2012

why did they appear in this world?

menyampah dengan orang hipokrit ni.
depan orang..
bukan main lagi tunjuk dialah yang baik, dialah yang prihatin, dialah yang ambil berat..segala yang baik tu dialah.
belakang orang itu..
masyaAllah..kau tak kan sangka dia yang baik budinya tu, pijak semut tak mati, kutuk kau sebakul depan orang lain!
korang pernah mengalaminya tak?

astagfirullahalazim...ampunkanlah dosa-dosaku Ya Allah..
Kau berilah kami hidayah dah petunjukMu..amin..

footnote: jangan disangka orang yang pendiam, lemah lembut tu baik..kadang kala mereka lagi berbisa daripada orang yang banyak mulut dan suka merungut.

♥ we are in lurve ♥

Thursday, February 23, 2012

mahu tapi bersediakah?

tiba-tiba terasa masih belum bersedia untuk menerima kehadiran orang ketiga buat masa sekarang.
i mean, dalam masa terdekat ini.
terasa sangat kesibukan dan kekangan masa diantara kami.
bukan tidak mahu, sangatlah mahu dan teringin.
tapi kesibukan kami kadangkala mengatasi perasaan itu.
walau bagaimanapun, saya yakin dengan kuasa Tuhan.
Dia lebih mengetahui bilakah masa yang sesuai yang selayaknya untuk kami menerima kunjungan orang ketiga.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

rindu membuak2.

Ya Allah..rindunya hati..rindunya nak balik kampung..dah lebih sebulan tak balik..record paling lama sejak kawen ni..usually 2-3 weeks, mesti balik kampung..bukannya tak selalu dengar suara my mamanda..tapi aura bertemu mata di kampung tu lain macam sikit bestnya..hihiii

owh sungguh, sikit pon tak tipu ni..memang i miss hometown damn much..my mom, my siblings..my little brother..my nieces and nephews..confirm the kiddos semua dah besar panjang..chique jah diorang ni dapat jumpa diorang pon 3-4 bulan sekali..everytime jumpa tu..mesti rasa diorang makin tinggi dan dah besar..hihii..i miss them really2 much!!

dear hubby, mintak2 laa lepas ni abang dapat off..even a day is enough for me..asal dapat balik sekejap dah laa..hokey2?pelissss?

footnote: owh for record, i memang tak penah berenggang lama2 ngan family..masa study dan kerja jauh dulu..every month confirm kena balik umah!hihiii

♥ we are in lurve ♥

Friday, February 10, 2012

what goes around, comes around.

 entry panjang. take a deep breath if you are willing to read. mwahaha :P

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Selamat hari jumaat!

Penghulu segala hari yang sangat dinantikan sebab cuti hujung minggu!hihihii
Seronok dapat berehat dan bersantai bersama tersayang..even though sometimes he was not around during the weekend, but at least i could release all the tiredness after a hectic weekdays without cramped my mind about the unfinished task..bajet macam busy sangat.ceiit.but honestly, i really need a quality time for rest. I feel like travelling to some peaceful places..pulau maybe?hehehe..padahal dah memang dah teringin nak g pulau lagi..after  a year, i miss the sound of ocean waves..the smell of sandy beaches..i just missed it..:)

When i was young, i was always complaining.. why my mom did not serve us for lunch? prepared the meal for us after a tired day at school like other friends. Why my mom was not a teacher like my abah? So boleh balik rumah awal..boleh masak dan hidang makanan tengahari untuk kami. Sometimes i cannot go for a holiday during school breaks, because my mom had to work. The whole family members were at home, except my mom..rasa sangat pelik masa tu..selalu nak memberontak sebab tak dapat pergi mana2 masa cuti sekolah..

When i grew up, i slowly adapted the situation..actually it was not that bad having a working mother. i learned to be an independent person..belajar masak sendiri, mengemas sendiri, basuh baju sendiri..bagus kan?hehe so bila dah besar panjang cenggini..tak ada laa terkial-kial nak buat kerja rumah..at least, after get married, i manage to handle the basic things like membasuh, mengemas, memasak semua..but then, i realized that it is not easy for a working wifey to cope with their marriage life while at the same time sustaining their career.

 Now i understand how did my mom feels. she did perfectly her task as a wife, mother and worker.,i am really proud of her. Alhamdulillah..up to this moment, i dah rasa how hard for a wife to manage her husband while keeping up her career..but i belum rasa lagi kenikmatan dan kepahitan menjadi seorang ibu..orang kata, bila kita dah rasa sendiri pengalaman tu..baru kita dapat menilai apa yang ibu kita telah rasai..kan?i wish i would be a great and supermom for tons of kiddos!satu team futsal kalau boleh..hehe please pray for us ye?:)

I still remember during my study back in USM years ago..my lecturer scold us just because some of classmates chitchatting during his lecture. i macam, wahh emonye lecturer ni..padahal bukan cakap kuat2 pon..i sangat tak suka bila lecturer suka menyoal..because i used to daydreaming during classes..hehehe!selalu je duduk kat tempat yang tersorok sikit..tempat yang lecturer x berapa nak nampak..dengan harapan lecturer akan soal orang lain,but not me..hahahA!

And now,it is my turn. i am in their shoes..i had underwent those circumstances. I had to deal with various types of students, their attitudes, their performances..i knew how does it feel when you are standing in front..trying hard to make sure people understand what are you trying to explain..but people doesn’t listen and pay attention to you. It is distracted, traumatic and break your heart into pieces hokey!hahahA!dasat seh!but truely saying..it is rude and improper manner.. i love to test my students during classes..i called a student and asked his/her friends to repeat it again..then i realized why my lecturer always tested us in class..he wanted us to understand and remember what he had taught in class.normally if the lecturer tested us, and we cannot answered them, we will remember the facts better.. I do practice the same now ;)

Actually it is difficult to attract student’s attention. Learning process in this challenging-facebooking-twittering years is totally different compared to previous years. The students are brilliant, outspoken and open minded., kalo i dulu..sekali lecturer sound..terus kecut perot!hahahA!sometime the students are advance than their teacher in many conditions, in term of technology up to attires. Student lagi dasat melaram dari cikgu..kadang2 cikgu pon orang boleh tertukar tau..hehe. In order to tackle the students, we have to be closed to them, befriend with them..Nevertheless, there is still must be a gap between them..the students have to know their limits..same goes to the lecturers.

 the concept is simple as ABC..an example, a relationship between a parent and their kids. The parent must be a friend to their adolescent kiddos..a kid free to speak up their mind, share the story all together with their parent...but does not matter how closed they are, they should know their limitation..a kid still have to respect her/his parent..and the parent should not disclosed every single thing about their life to the children..sometime the kids condemning their father, so as a good mother, she should not ‘menyimbah api ke atas bara’..or the kids become offensive to the parent.

Hukum karma.
What goes around, comes around.

bumi itu bulat.

♥ we are in lurve ♥

Thursday, February 2, 2012

pasrah dan redha.

pasrah itu menyerah.
redha itu ikhlas.

 footnote: saya belum mengalah dan menyerah.masih berusaha dan teguh berjuang!ceeee :P
♥ we are in lurve ♥