Tuesday, February 8, 2011

fairytale's part 2.

i have posted part 1 two months ago.
here are a few more photos bout our big day.
i guess its not too late for me to post this.
still newly wed ape?=P  

sy pd pagi akad nikah.cantek kan?*euww,pengsan!*

lagak seorang queen control.mwuahaha

post wajib pengantin baru.;p

outdoor yg tak berapa nak outdoor.sob3

okei, itu saje.cukop tak?
nak lagi?lenkali sy upload.(kalau sy rajin.hehe)

p/s:mood hepi.hubby ajak g jalan2 lagi.yeay!

♥ we are in lurve ♥

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