Tuesday, April 5, 2011

easiest way to keep fit.;)

this week is a healthy week.yeah!dalam kepala asyik fikir how to fit myself..asyik fikir menu2 sihat walafiat je.SAY NO to fatty and high calorie food!sume gara2 i gain my weight for 3kg++ since last month.owh tidak!nape naik mendadak sangat ni?kalau dulu kemain susah lagi nak naik berat badan..skang dah menggelebeh sana sini.wawawa...i guess the best tips for having a fit body is exercise!kan?kan?but i dun even have time for exercise like jogging, playing badminton or futsal or wateva..nevertheless, i still have my own exercise at home..basuh baju, mengemas rumah tu one kind of exercise ape?kan?kan?*ayat amik hati..haha*

ok2, since i dun have time to exercise, lets start with dietary first.
1st of all, i should drink much water..at least  8 glasses per day. people say drink plain water in the early morning after you wake up is the best way to keep fit and stay healthy.wahh..i nak try yg ni!memang i prefer plain water than minuman yang manis2 ni..but i tak rasa yg i minum cukup 8 glass sehari..bila rasa dahaga n kering tekak sangat baru minum..salah tu!!well, by the time you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated.your body dah kehilangan air dah pon that time. furthermore, by drinking plain water, it can eliminate all the waste or toxic inside your body.sangat bagus kan?

so ladies, eventhough you tak dahaga mana pon, please drink ok!

♥ we are in lurve ♥ 

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