Saturday, July 31, 2010

keep searching & hunting!

owh!sy maseh lagi dalam proses mencari dan memilih my official photographer for my this moment, i found severals a famous yet well known photographer around kelantan.their package also about the same.that why i'm getting into trouble in choosing the right one.but then, honestly i admire the artwork of photoaura team.they are widely known among 'lensa fanatics' as well as the wedding planner here. but i think their package is too expensive and cross the budget.owh sedeh!its okey then, i still have several names in my list.its only about to double check the package offered by them.of course i want sumthing that is worth-it for my wed.sekali seumur hidup kan. 

next, lets talk about baju for nikah. en tunang said he want a creamy-white color for our nikah.but, why must those color for nikah?i inclined not to choose those color.i rather prefer baju which is more lively.for me creamy or white color is too we are not in the same boat in choosing the color of nikah's its still in kiv list.urmm.

♥ we are bride&groom to be ♥

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