Sunday, August 1, 2010


just now i went to pasar borong dekat pulau kambing.looking for candies for kid's gift.luckily they have the things that i looked for.the candies per pack is about rm6 which contain 40 pcs inside it. so if i want 100 pcs, i need to spend around less than jimatlah kan?ok, kid's gift is done!when the right time has come, i just go and buy je lah.nak beli awal2 kan takot candies tu rosak plak.i keep them aside 1st lah.

today,for the whole day i keep searching and 'google'ing gift which is worth-it for guess and special guess.i was thinking of having a little cute gift box nicely wrapped.i found one supplier who supply wedding gift in the north.the price offered is quite reasonable lar.i think if i had no other choice, or if i could not find any other gift which is gud as his offered, i will consider his gift eventhough its far away from me.alaa..pos kan ada..hehe
and i'm planning for additional gift such as kipas yg cute or bakul yg comel, but its depend on budget lar.urmmm pening jugak kan nak cari gift ni?aduhaiii..sakit pale rupanye nak kawen ni..:'(

♥ we are bride&groom to be ♥

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