Sunday, March 6, 2011


i just noticed several changes after got married.the hormonal imbalance has occurred.
before i got married,i'd no such period pain.i'd no pimples except for premenstrual,
but however, as for now the pimples will come out at any time.without any sign.
i had a serious abdominal pain, muscle aches as well as  lower back pain. *sigh*
and one more thing, i had experienced breast soreness frequently.not just right before premenstrual.*sigh again*
i don't know why things turn out this way.people say, got married would help u to get rid of any kind of premenstrual symptoms. but for me it turns over 360 degrees.totally different!aiyoo.why this things happened?
this is what we called 'gangguan @ perubahan horman'
how could i balanced my hormone?

owh, am i complaining too much?

♥ we are in lurve ♥


aTy _faRed~ said... pernah terbace.. kekadang air mani suami pon kite Ley allergic taw.. so.. boleh merubah hormon jugak..

chique-jah said...

owh really?hehe maybe of the factor leads to hormone imbalance..huhu cane nih?