Wednesday, March 30, 2011

makin hari makin sayang :)

entry special untuk mr husband.

dear husband,
do u realize that we've tie the knot for 5 months?
i know u did remember our anniversary.
do u still remember, last time when we're deep in luv with each other,
we used to celebrate our anniversary every month.
and u're the one who always remind me on our 'special date of each month' which falls on every 14th..
and u're the one who always sulking if i forget about it..hihiii kelakar kan?

dear husband,
we've went through all ups and downs together.
i saw u fall short but then i was proud u can stand on ur own again.
i was so proud to be with u in our olden days.
we believed in each other without any doubts.
and we kept the trust tightly.

dear husband,
we're now have moved a step forward.
we're now a husband and a wife.
our life has totally changed.
we did it greatly so far.
u never failed in cheering me up.
u never failed in lending ur shoulder for me to cry on.
u've been a great husband all this while.
i know u've tried ur very best to spend time with me.
even though u r busy with ur cases, patients..
but u never left me behind.
u've always considered me in whatever condition u faced.

dear husband,
i love you so much.
thanks for being an awesome husband.
i am so proud to have u as my husband.
thanks Allah for lend me this gift.
i would not ask for more.


footnote:thanks for cakes last nite..nak lagi!;)

♥ we are in lurve ♥

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