Tuesday, August 24, 2010


since my mom didn't give permission for me utk bersanding (none of my siblings disobey this order b4 this), so i won't disobey this as well.so i've decided to choose pelamin dalam bilik je n mini pelamin for akad nikah (cause akad nikah will be held at home).so done for pelamin!pelamin bilik+mini pelamin+meja makan beradab cost me around rm2k++..is it worth?tak tau laa kan cause i never married b4 this.haha.
eh lupa!my wed theme is purple+white ok!those color are not my fav color act.
i prefer red+white compare to the other colors, but since my sis had chosen that color for her wed last time, so i urged myself to pilih color lain.hehe.
purple and white.ok wut?XD

♥ we are bride&groom to be ♥

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