Monday, August 23, 2010

xtvt weekend.

weekend ni im going home..yeay!
after roughly 2weeks tak balik umah.
1st time balik umah since puasa n today dah pon 13th of fasting day.
dah 2 minggu puasa baru nak balik..teruk kan?huhu but i kinda miss home soooo much!
there are several things i have to settle down when i'm at home, let me list them up okie!

  • go n pay the deposit to the OP (30% from the net price, around rm300 i guess..owh melayang duit!sob3)
  • need to buy the 'hantarans' for me..handbag, shoe,watch..wowowo duit lg!
  • go to Rantau Panjang coz i want to had a survey for goodies. RP is the most suitable place i think as we can negotiate the price with the sellers.
  • take photos for borang nikah..(this part sgt memeningkan kepala..uhhh xsuke!)
  • what else??owh, bunga telur have not settle yet!if sempat i go n buy them lah!

oklah, that's all for now. i will update again soon.

♥ we are bride&groom to be ♥

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