Friday, December 31, 2010

bye 2010!

owh 2010 is about to left us..less than 12hours from guys, have u achieved ur target of da year???
me?alhamdulillah..some has successfully achieved, but some are still not..dun worry, we still can extend our target to next year rite??
nak tau x?i've move out!sekarang sy sedang online dari rumah baru..(baru disewa..hihiii)
alhamdulillah..jumpa jugak rumah sewa kat bandar KT ni..even though jauh sikit dari rumah sewa masa bujang..but still fine compare to rumah mertua sy di K.Brg sana..penat sey nak ulang alik..

ok lah, xnak cite banyak..let's have a look some views of my new house..;)

our room..dah ada furniture set..hehe

ruang tamu masih kosong lg..hihii

dapur!my most fav!

cantek x rumah sy??hehe
btw, gudbye 2010..
and, welcome 2011!

happy new year 2011 for all!

♥ we are a newly wed ♥

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