Tuesday, December 21, 2010

fairytale's part 1.

since this blog in the beginning is all about my wed prep..then continued with married life..so i supposedly disclose some of my wed pictureslah kan..hehe i just got these pics by OP recently..sgt lambat siap..that's why skang baru boleh update pics kawen..

okei, so here we go...

b4 akad..nervous tp sempat lg senyum..;p
dah sah jadik wife org time ni..waiting 4 acara batal air smbyg..;)

during bersanding..ntah bila OP ni snap..gelak tak agak2...segan i!XD

okei, that's all 4 now..will update some more pics next time..daa~

♥ we are a newly wed ♥

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