Thursday, December 23, 2010


feeling a bit strained semester is about to start soon.just less than 2weeks from now. nothing have been prepared yet.kinda nervous because im going to face new student this time.hopefully they wouldn't make me into trouble!

owh, we are planning to move out from current house (which is belongs to parent in-law), and luckily my hubby have found one house near hometown..not so near act, but compare to the current one..of course laa this one is much more nearer kan..bout 10-15 minutes from our workplace (but, depends on trafficlah)..buT!still don't have time to make a visit to that house..yeah we should have an eye 1st before make a decision kan..mana tahu tiba2 tengok environment rumah tu..tak berkenan pulak dihati..hehe

hoping that by having a new house (even its not belong to us..just menyewa) will be a turning point for me untuk menjadi isteri yg lebih rajin menguruskan rumah more excuse like penat sebab rumah jauh 40km!ngeh3..

 footnote:i want to be a super duper wife!^^

♥ we are a newly wed ♥

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