Saturday, May 7, 2011

date with lil students.

hi korang!how's your weekend?mine?it was so great and enjoyable!hubby oncall semalam.hehe so apalagi.. amik kesempatan untuk spend time with some of my beloved student.all of them are final year students..they are going to leave us as they have completed their studies after all ups and down for these three years..hanging out and taking pictures with them at teluk ketapang..i'm having such a great time with them..hope to see u again in the future in a different way..u'r not my kiddos anymore..but then u r part of my unforgettable memories!

kila-fatin-sofi~wawaaa syioknye makan...

me-kak gee-auni
puas hati tol makan..fresh+murah=berbaloi2!

ok, dah start tunjuk bakat next top model masing2.

saya dan mereka.

seronok je sume.

i like!weee~

kita enjoy!hoyehh!

with sofi.

with bulat yg comel.

menikmati saat2 akhir bersama mereka.

pantai menjadi saksi.hahaa..

double like!

and i got this cute present from them. thanks guys!i will always pray for your success in your future.there's only a step ahead in reaching your goal.

most welcome dear!

cute gift from them.

mereka adalah pelajar saya yg pertama selama saya menceburi bidang ini.saya sayang mereka.


♥ we are in lurve ♥

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